Welcome to Dakar Medical The Company focus on the production of First Aid Kits, Resuscitation Equipment, Safety, Fire Extinguishing, First Aid and CPR Courses, Hiking and Army Gear, Production of Cosmetic Products, Fixing and Transporting Equipment, Safety and Warning Signs and Stickers, Medical Equipment and Furniture. The Company and the Staff attempt on the quallity and professionalism of the products and service as one, by the ISO 9000 Standard


Firefighting equipment

Firefighting equipment, and protective services fire detection and fire-protection equipment, with standards of the Standards Institution of Israel SII 570 and carries a standard. Appropriate Department of Transportation regulations. Produced in the quality of IS 2000: ISO9001


Medical supplies

Medical supplies, advanced medical equipment and medical furniture for hospitals and clinics, Our products have a standard and quality according to ISO 9000 requirements


Safety equipment

Safety equipment Mhmtkdim the world, Our products have a standard and quality requirements according to ISO 9000